Manga Review – Durarara!! Volume 3

This week we continue with Durarara with its penultimate volume. More…

HitchBOT heads out across Canada

hitchBOT, a robot with a body made from found items and the brain of a small computer, is hitchhiking across Canada as a combination art project / social experiment. The contraption, created by professors at McMaster and Ryerson Universities, can only progress by receiving rides. HitchBOT received its first life on Sunday, and its progress can be followed on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Weekly New Releases – July 29, 2014

This week sees several James Garner films. Those released in physical media were on the schedule before his recent passing, so those are coincidental. The digital releases strike me as rapid releases hoping to ride the wave of nostalgia following his death.


Movie Review – Hercules (2014)

The latest swords & sandal movie featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hit theaters this weekend with Hercules, based on the graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars. The film wasn’t screened for critics, which usually is a bad sign, but sometimes, the featured films turn out better than expected. How did things turn out for Hercules?



Black Widow and the Fake Geek Girl:

You can’t take the ‘verse from me….

The entire Firefly cast will be reuniting for the forthcoming Firefly Online videogame.

And don’t forget to check out the free candy

Eight young Orange County girls found creepy doll doppelgängers outside their homes this week. Police have discovered the source of the unexpected gifts, apparently offered with good intentions.

Not to mention the hopes for fun-filled alien beaches

Extrasolar planets may contain less water than expected, problematizing the search for life elsewhere.

Don’t send Mark Wahlberg after them. You might not like what he finds.

Russians have lost contact with a spacecraft carrying sexually active geckos.

IDW and Boom! have announced a (classic version) Planet of the Apes / Star Trek crossover comic series. The Klingons back the gorillas; Kirk emotes with Taylor.

Several 2014 San Diego Comic Con videos follow (with updates all weekend), below:


Summer Reading: Bimbos of the Death Sun

(and Zombies of the Gene Pool)

Sharyn McCrumb is best known for the Ballad Novels, historical Appalacian stories that touch on the folkloric and mythic, and the Elizabeth MacPherson Novels, mysteries that involve an amateur detective. She won the Edgar Award back in 1988, however, for a tongue-in-check mystery set at an SF convention. Bimbos of the Death Sun retains a significant following, as does its 1992 sequel, Zombies of the Gene Pool. Fen have had mixed reactions—but these twisted tales make for amusing summer reading.


Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament – Round 4, Week 38

Round 4 concludes here. The brackets show last week’s results, including two statistical upsets. There was a tie between Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Sliders which was decided using results from round one.

Weekly Comics Discussion – July 23, 2014

The complete list of titles is available here.

Also: It’s the Batman’s seventy-fifth birthday! The Dark Knight made his first appearance in Detective #27, released in 1939.


Manga Review – Rave Master Volume 1

This week, I’m taking a look at the first volume of the shonen fantasy manga Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima More…

Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Podcast: “The Black Hole (1979)”

The latest episode of our very sporadic Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament podcast series is available here and as part of the Bureau 42 Podcast Master Audio Feed (RSS, iTunes, Stitcher). Alex and I discuss the movie, and I explain why Neil deGrasse Tyson is wrong.