Weekly Comics Discussion – July 23, 2014

The complete list of titles is available here.

Also: It’s the Batman’s seventy-fifth birthday! The Dark Knight made his first appearance in Detective #27, released in 1939.


Manga Review – Rave Master Volume 1

This week, I’m taking a look at the first volume of the shonen fantasy manga Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima More…

Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Podcast: “The Black Hole (1979)”

The latest episode of our very sporadic Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament podcast series is available here and as part of the Bureau 42 Podcast Master Audio Feed (RSS, iTunes, Stitcher). Alex and I discuss the movie, and I explain why Neil deGrasse Tyson is wrong.


Tonight we celebrate the Forty-fifth Anniversary of the moon landing.
Check out the coverage, especially tonight.

At present, however, NASA remains something of a hostage to the Russians, who provide transport. Hopefully, private and other international efforts will continue.

For those of you less moonstruck, some Con and Cosplay video follows:


Weekly New Releases – July 22, 2014

At some point, we’ll be able to stop telling you that it’s a slow week.


Weekend Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The newest Apes film features much to recommend it—and a few dam problems.


Greatest Science Fiction TV Tournament – Round 4, Week 37

This week marks the first and penultimate week of round 4. You can vote here. Previews of next week’s votes are in the brackets as usual.

Weekly Comics Discussion – July 16, 2014

The complete list of titles is available here.


Novel Review: My Real Children

Sometimes she knew with solid certainty that she had four children, and five more stillbirths: nine times giving birth in floods of blood and pain, and of those, four surviving. At other times she knew equally well that she had two children, both born by caesarian section late in her life after she had given up hope. Two children of her body, and another, a stepchild, dearest of all. When any of them visited she knew them, knew how many there were, and the other knowledge felt like a dream (11)

A woman’s decision sets her life on two separate paths, and she appears to recall both in old age. Is one real? Are both? Is it better to find personal happiness in a hostile world, or a less satisfying life in a happier world? Does the acceptance of a lover’s proposal in Britain set off an assassination in Dallas? Award-winning author Jo Walton’s most recent novel quietly explores these questions.

X-Files Retrospective Podcast 023: “Roland”

The twenty third episode of the X-Files Retrospective podcast is now available here for your listening pleasure. Intro and outro music attribution is below.