DC Heroes a la Norman Rockwell

Longtime reader and commenter Chad directed us to this rendition of various DC characters painted in a Norman Rockwell style. Very impressive.

Weekly Comics Discussion – September 17, 2014

The complete list of titles is available here.


Weekly New Releases – September 16, 2014

The digital buys of current TV series are now available.


Doctor Who Review: Listen

The Doctor goes in search of a life form with the perfect ability to hide.


Big Screen Batman 9: Catwoman (2004) podcast

Big Screen Batman continues with our look at Catwoman.

Weekend Review: Crusher Joe – The Movie

This week I’ve got an anime SF film that has slipped under most fans radar, Crusher Joe. More…

Northern Lights

A couple of solar flares have made the Aurora Borealis visible quite far south for the last couple of days– and we may get another look tonight. (The flares may also affect the power grid). If you don’t live in the north and you want to see the Northern Lights, enjoy this rare opportunity.


Weekly Comics Discussion – September 10, 2014

The complete list of titles is available here.


X-Files Retrospective Podcast 28: “Blood”

The latest episode of the X-Files Retrospective podcast, covering Blood, is now available here for your listening pleasure. Intro and outro music attribution is below. You can also follow the show from its own feed (RSS, iTunes, Stitcher) or through the Bureau 42 Master Audio Feed (RSS, iTunes, Stitcher).



Russian dash-cam, for the win:

Life out there?

The International Space Station has been in the news recently, due to reports of microbes allegedly living on its surface and Earth-imaging satellites apparently launching themselves.

Life down here

Paleontologists announced the discovery of the well-preserved remains of a Dreadnaughtus—the largest dinosaur– or any land animal– ever identified.

Dendrogramma, a deep-sea species first identified in 1986, continues to defy attempts at classification.

Imitations of Life

Japan’s Silicon Studios bring videogames a little closer to VR The rendering engine demo appears below, followed by the Science of Beer, and a belated Fan Expo video by Northern Belle.