Anime Review – Ghost Hunt

This Halloween I have a different take on horror anime for you, as I take  a look at the anime series Ghost Hunt. More…

Halloween Podcast Special: The Hilarious House of Frightenstein

As a special Halloween treat, we have a second podcast: an interview with Mitch Markowitz, associate producer of the cult 70s series so beloved by children and college students, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein– which was hosted, of course, by Vincent Price. The amazing Markowitz also turns up in the show as SuperHippy.

GSSFT Halloween Podcast: The Bride of Frankenstein

Our Halloween Podcasts conclude, with The Bride of Frankenstein: the start of the first horror franchise.


Arrow Discussion: “The Magician”

This week sees Malcolm Merlyn’s return to Starling, secrets between family members, and the first series appearance of Ra’s al Ghul.

What did we think?


Marvel Unveils Film Release Schedule

This is their “Phase III” lineup through 2019.


Flash Review: “Going Rogue”

A dangerous career criminal ups his game when he realizes he’s up against a superhero—and he receives assistance from an unlikely and unwilling ally.


Weekly Comics Discussion – October 29, 2014

The complete list of titles is available here.


Comic Book Physics Podcast – Phasing Characters

The latest podcast, dealing with phasing characters such as Barry Allen, the Vision and Shadowcat, can be found here, on iTunes, and on Stitcher.

Gotham Discussion – “Spirit of the Goat”

Something tells me that they won’t be facing off against El Chupacabra this week…



“Ambition,: a short film by the European Space Agency, uses SF and science to promote the Rosetta Mission.

Meanwhile, SpaceX will try landing at sea on a floating platform.

And, as I’m sure most of us already know, Google exec Alan Eustace set a record last week for the highest altitude jump to date

And Halloween Time….